Monday, July 30, 2012

Responsibility...Whose Job is it Anyway?

One thing which I believe as the most essential thing we need to do in life as mature adults is to take responsibility. It is so easy to blame others, circumstances, situations, missed opportunities, ill luck or even the devil for life's mishap.

It is easy to say: "That lady is so cunning. She was behind this whole thing" and "That man always plays double game". "He didn't give me the freedom to do what I want". Again "They did not support us being Christians and so we made our own choices"...My response to such statements ...!?

I believe as mature adults we need to take responsibility for the choices we make, the way we react or behave and "for all that we say". And indeed for the "big decisions" we make which can change the course of our life. I was baffled when I once heard a believer in Christ state that a pastor fell into adultery because he was deceived by the devil.

My! When will people start taking responsibility for what they do. The devil cannot make you do something, unless you intend to do something evil or sinful or even make a self-destructive choice. The devil has no control over us...yet indeed if a person secretly craves to indulge in acts of sin or evil.

The second thing which annoys me when I get into a discussion of that kind (a believer falling into disgrace or sin) is when people tell me that I should pray for such folks because those people are deceived by the devil and are not aware of it. Again this sounds ridiculous for me...

The biggest gift that God has given mankind is common sense and conscience. I cannot agree to the  statement that a person falling into sin or cause disgrace is not aware of it and is being deceived. Each one of us with a sound mind have the discernment to make distinction between good and bad. Then why blame somebody else or the devil for what we do? When will we as adults learn to take responsibility?

Even if something negative has happened in our lives, a mature response would be. "Yes, this is my life, this is my situation, I own the responsibility. I can take the choice to make to it better or worse. I will stop blaming others or my situation. I can't expect others to make it good for me. I have to make informed choices for myself and I am responsible for the outcome too"...Well! that would sound more like maturity...