Thursday, July 26, 2012

Perception Shapes Attitude...

Yesterday I wrote a blog post on how perception really matters, the way we look at ourselves, others and the world. Perception also matters the way we see relationships, our goals, priorities, work and our choices. But more than all this our perception shapes our attitude.

If I perceive hard work as an essential part of my life, then my attitude is to give my best in what I do. If I perceive hard work doesn't pay then my attitude towards work is: Work Less Earn More. I may tend to do my work on the surface and may not be giving the best of my ability.

Most of our perception and attitude has been developed in us for years due to our experiential learning (what we have learned from our experience) and some of them due to genetically inherited traits. One may wonder if we can ever inherit our perception or attitude from our parents, grandparents or blood related uncles or aunts. Yes, we do.

We would have seen that a child would have inherited some behaviors or habits from his/her uncle/aunt or even grandparents (Genes do play a role). The better example would be that of a child who would have inherited a personality trait of being silent or being hot tempered from his/her father. We may say, "She is exactly like her dad".

A surprising thing which I witness myself is my daughter's inherited trait of humor or wit from her grandmother whom my daughter has never seen.

Coming back to what I was saying. We do inherit perceptions and attitudes from our blood related family members and a majority of them due to experiential learning. However, a significant part of our perception and attitude is shaped from the things we learn by observing or focusing. And it depends on whom or what we observe and focus...

I have seen husbands or wives having inherited a few traits from their spouse. For instance some of the language or vocabulary use that runs in the family. I believe we need to become aware of what or whom we are observing and focusing on a consistent basis. Because it has the power to shape our perception and therefrom attitudes.

I believe that a majority of believers in Christ want to be like Him. And many times we find that we fail to be like Him. The reason why we may fail is that we may earnestly pray saying "Lord, make me like you", but perhaps we are taking less time to evaluate and change our perception and attitudes according to the Bible. The Word of God has immense scriptures on how we can change our perception and attitude like that of Christ. If you are really eager to know which ones are they...continue to check back here, we have more to discuss...