Friday, July 27, 2012

Perception at Risk

Believers in Christ are taught to pray to God for their need without ceasing, claim promises and do their best to achieve their goals. I believe it is right. However, many of us would feel tired if the wait is long. The need may be anything and it may be genuine.

As human beings we have an earnestness for the need to be fulfilled very soon. But when the waiting is long it may seem as if God did not care. It is natural to feel that way. Even feelings of disappointment, frustration and anger may erupt and it may make us doubt the goodness of God. In such situations what do we do especially when we feel helpless and the need remaining unanswered?

Well we may be trying different ways for our need to be met. The most important thing here is, in all our trials and efforts our perception of God always poses a threat. Do we tend to perceive God as caring and loving if our need for long remains unmet? We may wonder if God is so loving and caring then why doesn't He answer my prayer? Why this long wait? Does God delight in keeping me wait? Why is God silent?

I guess many believers in God may be plagued with this question in their minds, knowingly or unknowingly and perception of God becomes a threat during those times. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow (Heb 13:8). He will never change even if we may change or our perception of Him changes.

I have been in situations such as these and my perception of God has posed great threats. I have shared my disappointments, frustrations and anger with God for I believe that it is not wrong to do so. The Psalmists did the same. However, in conclusion I do not allow my perception of God change. I submit to His will and abandon my need saying "When He knows how to care for the flowers in the wild and feed the sparrows, so will He know how to meet my need". Though I may not have answers for my anxiety right now, He does know the reason why the wait and I believe that is enough...