Wednesday, July 25, 2012


When I first came to you Lord,

The very thing that touched me was your "Unconditional Love".

All these years, you have only showed me,

How to be a good human...

I learned what it means to love purely, accept non-judgmentally and live without prejudice,

I learned to accept, respect and empathize with others.

I choose to live by your way- of righteousness, justice and peace,

A life of hard work and selfless giving.

I have learnt the cost of the carrying the cross,

And not to wander behind the crown.

I have been made known that riches is

And fame a mere vanity.

By seeing you, I learn everyday,

How to be like you...

In my talk, walk and the way I am,

And in everything that I do.

I choose to be open to you,

So that I can correct my mistakes,

And learn from you,

Not causing you shame.

Help me dear Lord learn from you,

Not in fancy prayers,

Without any change,

But truly and through you.