Sunday, August 31, 2014

Social Comparison Theory-1

Whether we identify it or not, whether accept it or not we all subconsciously indulge in social comparison theory. How many of us have come across people who would want to buy things for themselves or their house just because a neighbor had bought or possess something that they don't have? This kind of behavior is merely because individuals unknowingly engage in social comparison theory. We compare ourselves with others who are higher to us in terms of socioeconomic status or those whom we consider our equals.

Is this kind of comparison wrong? Social comparison is fair enough as long as we are progressing in a healthy manner. For instance, we compare ourselves with high achievers and may develop strong aspirations or ambitions to grow in life. This kind of social comparison is healthy as it enables us to set goals for life. However, we need to be cautious about the kind of social comparisons we make. If we desire to buy a car of a particular brand its good. However, if we start indulging in behaviors that 'whatever others have even I should have' that can cause to yield into unrealistic expectations, disappointments and frustrations. 

We cannot live peacefully by setting standards based on others. We need to set standards for living based on our core inner values that drive purpose for our living. Then our social comparisons would generally be healthy. We are who we are no matter what others say or comment about us. As long as we live in this kind of confidence knowing the driving purpose of lives, we can surely live a contented life no matter where and how we live...

However, contentedness of life is something that we define!