Friday, August 22, 2014

Giver Vs Receiver

Have you ever been a giver? Generally, when we talk about giving we perceive it in terms of money. How sad that the world is so focused on monetary gains...What about giving ourselves selflessly to others. Have you been a selfless giver in your close relationships? Be it your spouse, child (children), parent, friend, or sibling?

How much of quality time do we give to the relationships in the inner circle? How many of us have loved someone selflessly? People who are always in the habit of receiving do not learn to give it back and finally they end up becoming dry...On the contrary people who have always been on the giving end give up in investing in relationships that are no longer fruitful (again not in monetary terms) as they get fed up with giving ...not being at the receiving end.

For any relationship to function smoothly both the parties should be equal givers and receivers in terms of sharing, caring, showing empathy, courtesy and spending time. Investing in relationships takes efforts, time and prioritizing. Only those relationships that are genuine with  selfless attitude sustains. When people invest in relationships for monetary gains or to achieve selfish personal goals, they disrupt relationships resulting in stagnation or termination. In today's context we can find people who form relationships for the purpose of using others (like toilet papers eh?).

How many of us would be ready to give ourselves to others with genuineness and self-less attitude? However, we should be careful while investing in relationships by weighing down the cost versus rewards. Rewards are those who can give back when you invest; and costs are the pain and losses you encounter by in investing in wrong relationships...We need use diligence and prudence when it comes to investing ...both relationships and finances alike!