Saturday, August 2, 2014

Equity Theory? Mere Theory or Practice?

As a people pro person I generally dwell into exploring the dynamics of interpersonal relationships. A decade before I wanted to study counselling and psychology just to understand the dynamics of human behavior, personality types, interpersonal communication, etc., to help people in the process of problem solving. Though I couldn't complete a degree in that field I was privileged to study these subjects in my work as a freelance writer.

Currently, I am studying about interpersonal communications and one theory I got interested in exploring deeply is Equity Theory. The Equity Theory talks about how much one brings into the relationship in terms of expressing love, care, warmth, empathy and giving time. No relationship sustains for long unless both the parties (whether spouses, friends, parents and children, or significant others) contributes equally into the relationship be it in terms of time, energy, selfless giving, showing empathy and care. If someone is always on the giving end they get tired of not being on the receiving end (not in monetary terms) and give up on the pursuit of that relationship and/or the relationship turns to exist on shallow waters. These are some of the dynamics of interpersonal relationships which if understood in the right sense can be applied rightly.

Just the way we believe in hard work to be successful in education, career, jobs and financial management, so do we need to work hard in maintaining relationships. Far and wide people assume that we don't need to work hard in sustaining relationships. If we are under such presumptions then we are taking relationships for granted. However, a relationship is successful only if both the concerned parties are willing to work hard to build it and even repair it. Equity theory is highly applicable in our day to day lives.

Hence its time to evaluate ourselves honestly what we have been in a relationship? If we have been a receiver then its time to become a giver; and if we have been a giver then its time to be a receiver...

Happy Reading!