Friday, August 24, 2012

Wishful Thinking?

How many of us invest our time on wishful thinking? I guess most of us do that. I many times regret for having spent days on wishful thinking...Perhaps there has been not just days but also months and years gone in just wishful thinking. What is this wishful thing? Well sometimes it can be as simple as wishing badly that  Monday morning would be a holiday for work or school/college. Hoping that somebody did the dishes for us or perhaps even cooked?! Didn't have to bother to take bath and carry on with our daily routine. Wished on a good rainy day to have tea and snacks (like South Indian bondas and pakoras), watch movies and spend time with family, so on and so forth.

The best part of these wishful thinking is that most of them doesn't happen. Sometimes it may turn out to happen as if God answered our heart's small longing. As long as these wishful thinking are small ones i.e simple aspects of life, I guess it won't be a problem to us and it won't really affect our quality of life (QOL). However, if we get into the habit of making our wishful thinking for big plans and decisions of life, we may end up having major disappointments. For instance, many single folks wish that they may find their prince charming or miss world accidentally, just like the way it happens in movies. Oops! They may later hope during their mid-lives that it was just a wishful thought and not a reality...(just kidding)

Wishful thoughts are usually slightly out of practical thinking. Sometimes it shows our childish way of thought process. I am not saying by indulging in wishful thinking we are being childish. Perhaps it reveals a child in us. It is okay to have a wishful thinking as along as their a minor things and not serious stuff in life. For instance, what if I develop a wishful thinking that I become an ace shooter just because I discovered a new passion in rifle shooting. It seems slightly impractical isn't it? However, not all wishful thinking are unrealistic and unpractical. Some wishful thoughts suddenly work for people by things falling in place. However, we need to go with what works in life and what doesn't. What suits our lifestyle and what doesn't.

Having said all this, many of us can waste time in wishful thinking. We just need to evaluate ourselves how far we are going in this track and if at all it is helping us or not...And next time you indulge in wishful thing, take heed and Happy thinking...