Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Machine Gun Preacher

I know that many who may watch this movie "Machine Gun Preacher" may take a skeptical view because the first question they may ask is how can a preacher take a machine gun and call himself a preacher? However, you need really get into the man's shoes to see all that he went through to save the lives of children in East Africa (Sudan). This is not just a movie. It is a real story of a man named Sam Childers, once a drug addict and a gangster whose life changes after accepting Jesus. This man's life changes so drastically that he  comes out of a life of sin, drug addiction and illegal activities and works as a construction worker to keep his family. He does not steal or beg or manipulate others to get money to run his family (something which I believe is a trait of a changed man who has met with Jesus), but goes to the extent of donating his blood for $20 to provide for his family needs.

The story doesn't end there, seeing this man's dedication at work, Sam Childers grows in his profession to the extent of having his own construction business. During this phase of his life, Sam goes to Africa to do a construction project where he comes to witness horrible heart pounding series of events where African children are killed and kidnapped by the African rebels. Many African parents are also killed in the process. Fearing that their children would be kidnapped or killed, parents send children out in the fields to take shelter for the night. Because homes are much more a dangerous place for the children to live as the rebels kidnap them. The intention of these kidnapping and killing is to make children as terrorists, indulge them in flesh trade and also sell them. Witnessing all this Sam's heart breaks; and he comes down to Africa to save these children. In order to save children from the rebels he joins the freedom fighters in Africa and fights the rebels with the gun. Sam often goes back home in Pennsylvania to get funds to buy the necessities to save the children. One should watch the movie to see his struggle.

Prayer, good intentions and good plans cannot just save lives. And God is not interested in them. Somebody has to take action. Sam Childers took that action. He sells everything that he has, builds an orphanage which at first attempt the rebels burn it down killing so many people involved in the project. Sam builds the orphanage again not wanting to give up on the mission he had taken up in his hands. Sam sees children burnt and killed by bombs and guns right in front of his eyes. Do you think any parent or a person with a human heart would just see a child being killed and burnt and still keep quite saying that God will save? Faith should be accompanied by actions. Without actions faith will be void.

Sam Childers may not be considered as a preacher by many because he takes a "Gun" in his hands to save children. As I said not many can understand what Sam Childers is doing. You need to get into his shoes to see his perspective. Even to this day Sam Childers lives in East Africa serving children. What you think about Sam Childers is your personal opinion. If somebody says that he cannot be called a preacher but just a humanitarian, it is like finding fault with believer (whose faith is in Christ or Christian) soldiers who fight in the borders to protect the country because they too indulge in killing others for the sake of the country.As for me being in the comfort zone and preach gospel is a very easy task than getting into the battle field to save lives both for God and for the human race.

If somebody is still not convinced about Sam Childers as preacher see the movie and answer the only one question the real Sam Childers asks after the movie and see if you can answer it honestly...

Watch the movie "Machine Gun Preacher" and to know more about Sam Childers here is the site