Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Why Bother?

Being non-judgmental is a good virtue and not many of us posses this trait. We all know that it is not right to find fault with others while being blind on our own. I practice my best to be non-judgmental. However I become quite judgmental when I encounter people's actions or speech filled with hypocrisy. I try my best to push off this attitude emphasizing myself saying, "Why should I be bothered if he/she is a hypocrite?" It is their life and they will easily be identified of their hypocrisy. So why bother and be worked up?

Though I believe in being non-judgmental it does not mean I support people who do wrong or is hypocrite. I still hate when people give a justification for the wrong done. For me this is heights. If everybody starts giving justification for doing wrong, why do we have laws and moral standards which govern the life of man. Our lives are governed by universal moral laws just like the way we are governed by physical laws. 

Many of my well wishers tell me why should be so worked up by people who are hypocrites, haughty or self-righteous? True, why should I ? Can't I just ignore them and keep my cool? Yes, I can. And the best way to deal with such people would be to withdraw from them rather than being judgmental.

My only attitude (not justification) to why I can't stand to some of the negative traits such as hypocrisy, haughtiness and self-righteousness is...None of us are perfect and all of us unintentionally or intentionally behave negative or do the unaccepted. However, we have the choice to admit and learn from our mistakes. And to  admit our mistakes requires self-reflection and courage...killing our inner pride. Though I don't preach this...I do my best to practice it.