Friday, September 7, 2012

Keeping Expectations at Bay...

One of the reasons why people get disappointed easily is because of high expectations. It is no wrong to have expectations in life, for hope is another synonym for expectation. Hope is good and is healthy. A hope  that things are working for better or for good is a very positive hope. It enables to deal with negative aspects in a helpful way.

But having too big an expectation can many a time cause disappointment. Because we get stuck to it so much expecting it to work our way, that we have not thought of an alternative or have plan B ready for us to lean on. Keeping our expectations at bay is an easier way of dealing with life. Otherwise unknowingly we expect life to work out for us in our terms. In reality not everything works in favor of us, especially those aspects of life which we do not have much control.

Understanding that we sometimes need to flow with what life throws at us is not an attitude that is embraced by a majority. This does not mean that we should not have goals and dreams which we may be pursuing. We need to have personal goals and dreams which we need to persistently pursue. Though we may be steering our life's boat, we need to understand that there may be challenges, require change, or take a different course. Even the best sailor, sails with how the course favor's the journey. Sailing with focus yet accepting what comes in the way by keeping our expectations at bay is a better way to avoid despair.